kalo kata guru ane, siapa yang banyak berbuat, merekalah yang banyak memperoleh hasil, :)

kalo kata guru ane, siapa yang banyak berbuat, merekalah yang banyak memperoleh hasil, :)


Sunday, 22 May 2011



Praise our thanks climb the presence of Allah, because for our and its help blessing can finish this handing out. Our target make this handing out is so that/ to be can learn with to know the background from free seks. And comprehend the education of about free seks.
Hotly we can finish this duty. This duty not possible to be executed better, without existence of intention, intention and aid from teacher counsellor. We say a lot of thank to all teacher of SMKN JATIROGO for support which is passed to by us, so that hotly duty can be finished better. In this case we say to :
- Wahyu Puji Lestari, S.Pd , as Counsellor, what have a lot of giving instruction and also very input be of benefit to writer, attentively and patience

- Second Us Parent, what always give the prayer and also motivate very is necessary for writer so that this duty finish on time

- friend – my friend in SMKN JATIROGO , thanks for all support,

we realize full that in this handing out making still in rough therefore in humility, we request all party of reader and teacher of counsellor of having the pleasure to the of giving suggestion and criticize upon which completing for that we render thanks .

Tuban, February 2011


1.1. Problem Background
1.2. Problem Formula
1.3. Target And Benefit
2.1. Sex Education
2.2. Free Danger Seks
2,3. Avoiding Free Seks
2.4. Factor Cause Seks
3.1. Conclusion
3.2. Suggestion ............................................................................................

1.1. Background
Free Seks represent the relation on did by men and woman without existence of free tying marriage. Behavior seks that happened at adolescent earn because of lack of parent attention to child caused by because workdload of each so that child do not obtain;get the knowledge of about seks free from the parent and on the score of that's once in a while child fallen to at wrong assocciation. free behavior Seks also can be happened by if adolescent less have the matured opinion to do something in adding again because motivation from friend coeval. Sometime friend have the ugly influence and force to try the something new so that they try to conduct the coitus with the oposite gender without thinking effect of to be happened.

1.2. Problem Formula
Problem which is in facing for example is:
bodily change which so quickly result the convulsion for adolescent, because growth cause that adolescent start to take a fancy to the oposite gender.
Second, relation problem with the people of a lot of, old many people bridling its childs to do and conduct something so that adolescent to in this case experience of the conflict with the parent.
Adolescent mischief because of 2 first factor, factor intern coming from personal x'self and for adolescent willingness by xself to do their something that wish and without constraint from people lain. Second, factor ekstern which can arising from the environmental influence and wrong assocciation.
Follow the example of the adolescent mischief forms for example is free seks, narcotic abuse, prostitution and fight.

1.3. Target
Writer Target take the handing out with the free theme seks that is as follows:
Giving adequate congeniality hit the physical change, bouncing and process the emotional maturity related to sexual problem at adolescent.
Lessening fear and dread of refering to growth and sexual adjustment ( role, demand and responsbiliti).
Forming attitude and give the congeniality to seks in all manifestasi which vary
Giving congeniality that relation of between human being can bring the satisfaction of at individual second and family life.
Giving congeniality of concerning requirement assess the moral which esensial to give the rational base in make decision to relate to the sexual behavior.
Giving knowledge of about mistake and sexual deviation of so that individual can be careful and agin exploitation which can bother the physical health and bounce it.
To lessen the prostitution, fear to irrational sexual and abundant eksplorasi seks.
Giving congeniality and condition which can make the individual conduct the sexual activity effectively and creative in so many role, for example as wife or husband, old fellow, society member.

1.4. Benefit
this sex education Benefit is:
Getting positive view about sex education.
Knowing effect and danger of about free assocciation or free seks.
Can know the action digressing and earn avoid free seks

2.1. Sex Education
Sex Education consisted of by two facet:
First, knowledge by biologis is which is the included in appliance knowledge reproduce the woman and men, process the reproduction that is pregnancy and birth, and also knowledge and understanding of[is way of infection of PMS and HIV / aids.
Second, knowledge with the social approach / studying problem seks, x'self growth, contraception problem, recognizing behavior of sexual of beresiko and rights of human being for the safety of our and also decision to conduct the coitus. According To World Health Organisation ( Organizational of World Health), Sex Education shouldn't be limited until knowledge biologis, but sharing to protect the health and society security pass the education.
real correct sex education have to include the elements of human right so that will represent the education of behavior and moral also. Therefore Sex Education is often consorted by the religion teaching, believe and norm determined by a society. incoming items of curriculum or taught at school is of course influenced by society norm, and mirror what society wish to teach its childs. Mostly Indonesia resident believe in the Islam, last of Christian, Roman, and Hindu-Buda and norm matching with the religion it is true reside in the school system,in teaching and also its attitudes. In this time, real correct information insuffiency about problem seks will strengthen the adolescent possibility trust to misunderstand which is taken away from mass media and friend coeval. As a result, adolescent clan step into the clan having risk conduct the dangerous behavior for the health of its. By 87.5% urban SMP and 66.0% urban SMA. In the reality in one party, schoolroom represent one society facet capable to act to give the Sex Education to adolescent clan of Indonesia And schoolroom represent a[n environment introducing adolescent clan to problem and ' its danger' seks, that way schoolroom able to protect the adolescent clan from this risk with the information. This fact strengthen the adolescent requirement to accept the Sex Education teaching real correct information about seks.

2.2. Free Danger Seks
Adolescent Mischief earn because of technology influence which modern progressively and can also because of various factor that is factor intern coming from within ownself and factor ekstern which can come from environmental influence. free danger Seks among adolescent for example is:
1. Some readily disease visit upon like, herpes, HIV Aids, Syphilis, and other disease. This disease of course have been known by very endangering and hitherto still not yet there it's drug
2. Pregnancy of outside nuptials will generate the new problems, if you still kuliah or school of course parent you'd very sulky to you. And you even also fear to be downright to your parent and your couple, finally you set mind on to conduct the new sin that is aborsi and or suicide
3. If you marry in young age, problems which not yet ready to you face will come, like finance problem, habit problem, child problem
4. good name of Family will be smeared by your attitude. Family you'd face the problem which you make if you get the ugly effect from this free seks
5. If pregnant you and your couple do not want to hold responsible, what you will conduct?. Will a lot of ugly mind to bother the you. Like wishing suicide, thinking irrational resulting trouble bounce or mad.

2.3. Free Cause Seks Factor
Adolescent Mischief lately often we see in the town very concerning once, altogether this not merely because of adolescent factor itself of but there is again other dissimilar factor constitutoing it. There are some factor which can cause the somebody conduct the free sex that is:
1. Parent,
Lack of tuition and parent observation beyond question will make the child become wild, overconfident parent to child unknowingly activity done by its childs represent the wrong action causing fatal for the child by xself. Even non not possible to in fact parent by xself plunging into its child, for example for example, parent feel small if its child is of SMA and or have adolescent not yet had the girlfriend, surely will in asking, finally the child look for the girlfriend, initially run of the mill possible, to shop book, or once in a while to cafe. Last slowly get promotion to hold the hand, last get promotion again, and mount to other. too autoritary parent nor both for growth of child psychology, when he get once freedom he forget the anything
2. Environmental / friend
As strong as any is we maintain the x'self if environment and people closest we do not support the us, non us which not possible to is finally followed with the them. The example a one who are addictive narkoba of initially merely go with the stream with its friends and simply fad, so also by sex is free
3. Money
In the present day this money is altogether, measuring rod of somebody is on money, honour, selfregard all measured with the money. Hence it him people who its requirement is not fullfiled to look for the perquisite by like that, by iming-iming is money of all becoming not mean. What prohibition permitting.
4. weak belief
Somebody which have no the its liver belief beyond question he/she do not hold up with the earthly obsession is which it is true heavily, as small as any is that obsession and surely heavy obsession

5. Addictive
Sex of is same as people eat the, absolute requirement each and everyone. But if he/she is not managed truly as a result can serious condition. Just to once try surely will will again, and will again, is same as addiction.
Various sexual behavior at adolescent is which its moment not yet to do the sexual relation to the manner born for example known as :
1.Masturbasi or masturbating that is an ugly habit in the form of manipulation to genital appliance in order to channelling sexual ambition for the accomplishment of enjoyment which oftentimes generate the personal convulsion and emotion.
2. have an affair by various light sexual behavior like touch, hand hold come up with the kiss and touch seks which basically is desire to enjoy and gratify the sexual motivation.
3. various activity instructing at satisfying of sexual motivation which basically indicate fail to his somebody in controling it or failure to transfer the the motivation to other dissimilar activity is which in fact admit of done.

3.1. Conclusion
Teen-Age is transitory time where somebody make a move from child become the adult, in a period of/to this various physical change, spiritual, and happened social clearly. That change is usually accompanied by manner set of problems arising out of because its whom is soul is not adolescent to face the the change added again with do not understand of parent, teacher and society of about adolescent growth characteristic itself and on that account arising various adolescent problem and if/when that problem is not finished hence will emerge the adolescent mischief. On that account very required by is attention of parent and society in face of adolescent problem in order not to precise at adolescent mischief. Government ought to more adolescent paying attention to that is with giving amenity for adolescent in education of like facilitating financial administration of school for child which unable to so that school finance will a few/little assisted and adolescent is not fallen to at badness.

3.2. Suggestion
Its Focus especial of Sex Education is education and knowledge of than seks. Sex Education able to save the adolescent clan from dangerous or indisposed circumstance for the health of its. Sex education Ought To is not assumed by a taboo and do not in close over again.
As a branch, society capable to mostly young clan resident, schoolroom ought to take the especial role to give this Sex Education.
Better be governmental act to develop the program of Sex Education with the formal substance to be provided by each every school. More amount fund ought to be given by a educational, for the assuring of each every student experience of the opportunity to access the required information. Program Sex Education ought to reach the balance of between complete knowledge and norm of culture and Indonesia religion.
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